All Art Classes offered in Cathy's Art studio include high quality supplies, plenty of studio assistance and time, as you create finished art pieces to share with friends and family. Can't make these dates? Make your own Class around your schedule.

"Kids Clay Classes"
Kids 5-15 yrs.
Spring 2019
April 8th –May 13th (Mon) 5-6:30pm

6 Week session @ $100
Working at there own pace, students learn the pottery wheel, pinch and coil pots, sculptures, slab work.

"Multi Media Art Class"
Kids 5-15 Yrs.
Spring 2019
April 3rd –May 22nd (Wed.) 5:30-7pm

8 week session @ $145
Experience drawing in personal sketch books, painting with water colors on real water color paper, and acrylic painting on canvas. Kids also work on the pottery wheels and make clay art.

Teen Multi-Media
Kids 10-16 Yrs.
Call some friends and arrange a class around your schedule
This new class includes advanced pottery and painting with acrylics.

"Little Ones Multi Media Class"
2½ - 6 years old
Spring 2019
April 3rd –May 8th 4:30-5:30pm (Wed)

6 weeks @ $85
Kids paint with acrylics, and do watercolor to create finished Art!!! Pottery wheel, Multi-Media sculptures and slab art all part of this class.

"Mom and Me Clay Time"
2 ½ – 8 years old
April 22nd - May 13th h 4-5pm (Mon)

4 weeks @ $70 for mom and 1 child
(Added children $50 each)

Create your own class with a friend (min 3 kids).
This is a new adventure for little ones to explore with mom nearby. Moms and kids both create pottery on the wheels, slab art and sculptures. All clay and glazes are provided and are lead free and safe for food after firing process.

"Adult Clay Class"
Spring 2019
Ages 16 yrs. and up

April 3rd –May 22nd (Wed) 7-8:30pm
8 weeks @165 or
April 8th –May 13th (Mon) 6:30-8pm
6 weeks @ $140

Adults in a semi-private class learn the pottery wheel and hand building with high fired stoneware. They save many pieces and are glaze fired 2-4 weeks after last class. Adults that want to form a class around your own schedule please call Cathy.

"Acrylic Painting"
April 2nd –April 23rd (Tues) 5-6:15pm
Kids 5-15 Yrs.
New or experienced students are all welcome!
4 weeks @ $65
Students paint with acrylics on real canvasses to create two wonderful paintings.
Min. 4 students to have a class

"Just Drawing Class"
April 30th –May 21st 5-6pm (Tues)
4 weeks @ $55
Kids 5-15 Yrs.
Kids sketch in personal sketchbooks with charcoal, colored pencils and pastels creating many art pieces one that is framed.
Min. 4 students to have a class

Spring Open Studio
Not this year

All ages are welcomed to just drop in!
***  Any Fridays 4-7:30pm  ***
1st hr/person $25
2nd-10th hrs/or person $15
Come create clay art with Cathy any of these days and/or all these days. Studio will be open to create your own pottery, pick up your work and make up missed classes.

If making up a class please arrange that with Cathy ahead of time. Hand Blown Glass and Hand Thrown Pottery all made by Cathy. Also available for special gifts in Cathy's show room off the studio on these Friday nights.

**Party Time**
$12 per child (min $120)
Schedule a Birthday Party. Create clay items on the pottery wheel and at the table. Cathy will fire and return them to the Birthday Parent.

Or Try a "Acrylic Painting Party"

3 hours (4-7 people @ $165)

**Famous Family Days**
One day or one hour $80
Two days or Two hours $150

Come make pottery at the studio and give them as gifts. Pottery wheel,slab art and sculptures. Schedule your time and day with Cathy.

**Private Semi- Private Class**
$100 (1 student) 4 wks @ 1 hr per wk
$85 ea. (2 student class) 4 wks @1hr per wk
$70 ea. (3 student class) 4 wks @ 1hr per wk

**Adult Gatherings**
Min. 4 adults
1 ½ hr. class once a week for 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks
*6 week class- $140 per student
*8 week class- $165 per student
*10 week class- $195 per student
*12 week class- $225 per student

( Pick your art: Painting / Pottery / Drawing)

**Scouts Sessions**
$10 each
This is a 1 hour session which scouts learn to use the pottery wheel and work on clay art at the table. Each scout gets to save two pieces. All pieces are fired and ready for pick up in 4 weeks-6 weeks.
Work towards your badge!
Download the full "CAMP" and/or "CLASS" SCHEDULES OFF MY WEB SITE ON THE Right!!!
Cathy also offers...
  • Private Camps
  • Private or semi private Classes
  • Parties
  • One Day studio time
  • Scout Sessions
    All Summer and throughout the year!!
(740) 587-1722

  • Private class $100 per student 4 one hour sessions
  • Two students $85 per student 4 one hour sessions
  • Three Students $70 per student 4 one hour sessions
  • Four students prices are the same as regular class schedule below.
Pick your own media
Pottery / Painting / Drawing