Camp Sessions
Brings New Art your Way!!!!

All Camp costs include the art supplies, plenty of studio time with an expert artist and assistants, wonderful finished art pieces, games and snacks.

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Spring Break Art Mess Camp 2019
Kids 5-14 Yrs.
March 25th–March 28th 9:15-12pm and/or 1-3:45pm
All supplies are included.
Total Cost $110 four ½ days or $195 full days
"The Original Art Mess Camp"
Kids 5-14 Yrs.
*June 24th -27th 9:15 am-12 and/or 1-3:45 pm
*July 15th -18th 9:15 am-12 and/or 1-3:45 pm
*July 29th - Aug. 1st 9:15 am-12 and/or 1-3:45 pm
This fast moving art camp is very popular with kids. We put feet in messy clay, play messy clay games, create art on the pottery wheel, and at the table. We also experience acrylic painting on real canvasses to complete a finished painting. Repeat students advance to different projects..
4 half days @ $110 or 4 full days @ $195 total cost

"Little Ones Art Mess Camp"
Kids 2 1/2 - 6 Yrs.
*June 17th -19th (9-11am) or (12-2pm)
*August 5th -7th (9-11am) or (12-2pm)
This small camp offers clay on the pottery wheel, sculpting and messy clay games. We also use acrylic paints to create finished canvas paintings. (Preschool/ Sunday school experience necessary please.)
3 days $70

"Mini Art Mess"
Kids 5-14 Yrs.
June 17th - 19th 3-5:30pm
Aug. 5th -7th 3-5:30pm
"The Regular Art Mess Camp" Kids get to do one day of pottery and two days of acrylic painting on real canvasses. Messy games also are part of the camp.
3 days @ $85

"Teen Art Mess Camp"
Kids 9-14 Yrs.
*July 8th -11th (9:15 am-12)
Older students have plenty of time on the pottery wheels to advance their throwing skills. These young teens also choose from many advanced sculptural ideas. Students will choose a nature scene, car, or animal, to paint an acrylic painting on canvas.
*Create your own messy game!
Lots of Art! Lots of Fun!
Bring your lunch and stay for the morning and afternoon session the same week. Many kids take more than one camp per summer.
$195 full day or $110 half day. Stars (* 's) mark the "all day" weeks
"3-D Art Mess Camp"
Kids 5-14 Yrs.
*July 8th - 11th (1-3:45 pm)
The kids can choose to paint their painting on a regular or raised canvas. They create many clay pieces on the pottery wheel, and at the table. This camp is very similar to the original "Art Mess Camp" All projects will be totally unique.
4 days $110
"Just Clay Camp"
Kids 5-14 Yrs.
*June 10th -13th 1- 3:45
*July 22nd -25th 9:15-12
If your child likes clay and wants to have fun with messy clay games and the "muddy foot box," come join us at Cathy's studio. Kids use the pottery wheel, make sculptures and slab art.
(Pair up with the painting camp, to stay all day).
4 days $110
"Painting Art Mess Camp"
Kids 5-14 Yrs.
*June 10th -13th 9:15 -12
*July 22nd -25th 1- 3:45
Experience painting with water colors and acrylics to create wonderful finished 2-D art. T-Shirt painting too!!
Have a picture perfect summer!
4 days $110

Cathy also offers...
A Taste of Art Mess Camp
Free Open House: Saturday May 25th 10-2pm
Create a pottery piece on the wheel, play a messy game, meet Cathy and some of her studio assistants. Check out the summer camp schedule & Cathy's Glass & Clay Show room.
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  • Parties
  • One Day studio time
  • Scout Sessions
All Summer and throughout the year!!

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