Camp Sessions
Brings New Art your Way!!!!

In person Summer classes will be announced in March/April Take home versions may always be an option

You make it and I bake it Summer clay camps @ Home

Create pottery together or individually in the take-home pottery kit $95.
Kit covers- 2 students & supplies
4 weeks of lessons (pdf written & goggle drive videos)
2-3 art pieces per week

1st summer art session 
 "Take home pottery" (4 weeks)
Dates Announced in March
(Lesson Emailed on Mondays)

2nd summer art session
"Take home pottery" (4weeks)
Dates Announced in March
(Lesson Emailed on Mondays)

All artwork and supplies will be returned to Cathy the week after class ends and fired in a Kiln, then picked up 2-4 weeks later by you.

Extra supplies are available to purchase, also ace time chats are welcomed in the evenings. Questions and your updates are encouraged throughout the process.

I will send an email with a video and a written lesson every Monday. You can set up which day of the week you want to actually do the pottery at your home.

Having fun and being flexible in your own life.

One student price is available $95
Adult version includes larger amounts of clay and supplies.

(740) 587-1722