Camp Sessions
Brings New Art your Way!!!!

All Camp costs include the art supplies, plenty of studio time with an expert artist and assistants, wonderful finished art pieces, games and snacks.

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2022 Summer Art Camps

“In person” Art Camps @ Cathy’s Studio are back.
Limited students in 2022, and masks in the studio space encouraged.
Cathy has taught art classes and camps out of her home based studio since 1983.
Cathy is offering “In-person Art Mess Camps”

"The Original Art Mess Camp"
(In Person art @ Cathy's studio)

5-14 years old
This has always been the most popular art camp at Cathy's Home based Studio. Safe changes still in 2022, yet still lots of fun with clay and paints. Kids create art on the pottery wheel, and at the table. They also experience acrylic painting on real canvasses to complete a finished painting.
4 half days @ $110 or 4 full days @ $205
*Jul 18th-21st
9 am-12 and/or 1-3:45 pm
*Jul 25th-28th       
   9 am-12 and/or 1-3:45 pm
*Aug. 1st-4th                 
   9 am-12 and/or 1-3:45 pm

"Take Home Clay" (Flexible)

Create pottery together or individually in
the take-home pottery class the kit is $110
Kit covers- 2 students & supplies, 4 weeks of lessons (pdf written & goggle drive videos) 2-3 art pieces per week (5yrs-Adults) lessons emailed on Monday
Summer Kit session 
June 13th - July 4th
All artwork and supplies will be returned to Cathy the week after class ends and fired in a kiln, then picked up 2-4 weeks later by you. Extra supplies are available to purchase.

I will send an email with a video and a written lesson every Monday. You can set up which day of the week you want to actually do the pottery at your home. Having fun and being flexible in your own life.

“Little Ones Clay experience”    ($35 for two)
45 minutes- 1hour private session with Cathy at the studio to create clay gifts/ art. Garden stones /hand prints in clay/ pinch pot/ and cookie cutters/Feet prints.
Schedule with Cathy:
  or 740-403-1166
Winter Break Art Mess Camp 22-2023
To be announced Sept 2022

Spring Break 3D Art Mess Camp 22-2023
Kids 5-14 Yrs.
Back in 2023

"Mini" Art Mess Camp (3day)
Back in 2023

Teen Art Mess Camp
Back in 2023

3-D Art Mess Camp
Back in 2023

Just Clay Camp
Back in 2023

Painting Art Mess Camp
Back in 2023

A Taste of Art Mess Camp
Free Open House
for campers to check out the studio Create a pottery piece on the wheel, play a messy game, meet Cathy and some of her studio assistants. Check out the summer camp schedule & Cathy's Glass & Clay Show room.
  • Private CampsPrivate or semi private Classes
  • Parties
  • One Day studio time
  • Scout Sessions
All Summer and throughout the year!!

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